Day Trips From Rimini

Bologna rooftops

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Possible day trips from Rimini include beach resorts, hill towns and art cities. Trains run up and down the coast, and buses travel inland. The places listed here can all be reached by public transport.

San Marino

San Marino is an independent city state, with its own government, stamps and coins. It is also a hill town with impressive fortifications, spectacular views and a quirky culture.

Castle surrounded by trees on top of a tall hill
The hill town of San Marino

The bus journey from Rimini to San Marino takes one hour. Read more about How To Visit San Marino, The Oldest Republic In Europe.


Bologna is the food capital of northern Italy, with excellent restaurants serving up local specialities. It also has several fine buildings, museums, and the oldest university in the world.

You could spend several days in Bologna but if you are short of time you can easily take a day trip from Rimini. The train time is an hour and a quarter. Read about How To Spend A Perfect Day In Bologna.

Pinnable image of day trips from Rimini, showing Bologna rooftops and the harbour of Cesenatico with sailing boats and old buildings
Pinnable image of Bologna (Image by RitaMichelon from Pixabay) and Cesenatico (Image by hans janssens from Pixabay)


Modena is another destination for gastronomes, less well-known than Bologna but with some first-rate back street restaurants. Quite apart from the food, you can visit the 12th century Cathedral, the Baroque Ducal Palace, and the Ferrari Museum. Read more about a visit to Modena.


Ravenna is a must for art lovers. Its early Christian mosaics, spread across eight locations in the town centre, form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mosaics, from the Roman and Byzantine traditions, are stunning artworks, housed in buildings of historical interest.

Ravenna is around an hour from Rimini by express train, a little longer on local services. Read more about the Byzantine Mosaics Of Ravenna.

Mosaic images on a wall, showing images of saints, buildings and a ship
Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna


Pesaro is a smart beach resort 40 km southeast of Rimini. It has several fine churches and an archaeological museum. However, it is best known as the home town of the composer Rossini, and you can visit his birthplace and other buildings associated with his life and work.

The train trip from Rimini to Pesaro takes around 25 minutes. Read more: Visiting Pesaro: Birthplace Of Gioacchino Rossini.


Cesenatico is a picturesque coastal town, with a historic centre, colourful harbour and sandy beach. The town and the port are based around a 16th century canal, designed by Leonardo da Vinci. There is also an unusual Maritime Museum, housed in a number of boats floating on the water.

Cesenatico is a short half hour trip from Rimini by train.

The fast train from Rimini to Modena takes an hour and 20 minutes. (If you are travelling by car you could also visit the nearby Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti, a museum in the singer’s birthplace.)


Faenza is of historic importance, a Roman town situated on the old Via Emilia between Rimini and Piacenza. It later became known as a centre for ceramics production (giving its name to the English word “faience”). Tourists can visit the International Museum of Ceramics and the many ceramics workshops. They can also explore the historic centre with its Cathedral and many important Renaissance buildings.

Building with arches and columns and a tall thin tower at the end
Faenza is full of historic buildings (Image by Giancarlo Gattelli from Pixabay)

From Rimini to Faenza is around 40 minutes by train.

Other Ideas For Day Trips From Rimini

Surprisingly, there don’t seem to be many organised day trips from Rimini. However I did manage to find The Taste of Romagna and a Day Trip from Rimini to Verucchio and SantArcangelo.

If you choose to rent a car, you could also get to Urbino, a medieval hill town with a fine Renaissance Palace, or San Leo, another hill town, with an impressive fortress and a 12th century cathedral. (Buses also run to San Leo during the summer months). Or you could explore the countryside and wineries of the Emilia-Romagna region.

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