5 Top Things To Do In Tuscany: What To See, Do And Eat

Tuscan landscape

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Tuscany encompasses everything that you imagine when picturing the Italian countryside. The area is characterised by rolling hills with quaint family-run vineyards and picturesque medieval hill towns. And you can’t overlook the endless rows of cypress trees and olive groves surrounding the artfully rustic villas and farmhouses.  Many Italian Renaissance paintings capture this romantic scenery, but seeing it in real life is unparalleled. From exploring majestic cities to delicious Italian wine tasting, there is no shortage of things to do in Tuscany. 

Things To Do In Tuscany

If you’re asking yourself “why visit Tuscany?” check out these unmissable things to do and a few of the best places to visit.

1. Go Truffle Hunting In San Gimignano

Of all the things to do in Tuscany, this should be high up on your list. Truffles are a unique and expensive delicacy found in San Gimignano, among other Tuscan cities. They cannot be farmed, so you’ll need to go out and hunt for them yourself.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of guided tours that send you on a truffle hunting quest in the rolling hills. These include a Truffle hunt in the heart of Tuscany, or Truffle Hunting and Meal at a Winery.

Large box full of black truffles
A basket of fresh truffles (Image by FinjaM from Pixabay)

If you need a place to stay in San Gimignano, Il Casale Del Cotone and Hotel La Cisterna are both great options. 

2. Enjoy Wine Tasting In The Tuscan Countryside 

In the Tuscan countryside between Florence and Siena, you’ll find the best of Tuscany’s wine regions, Chianti. Wine tasting at one of the vineyards in the region is a great way to understand the winemaking process while sampling the wares until you find your favourite. 

Rows of vines with hills and trees in the background
A typical Tuscan vineyard (Image by Holger Gottschalk from Pixabay)

Hire a car from the Tuscan capital Florence, and embark on a scenic road trip through the rolling hills of the beautiful countryside and spend a few days in the wine region. Soak up the Tuscan sun and taste wine to your heart’s content. 

Read more suggestions for Wine Tasting in Tuscany.

3. Visit Pisa And Its Leaning Tower

You’ve probably seen the leaning tower on postcards, but seeing it in real life doesn’t even compare. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the main tourist attractions in Italy and with good reason. It really is something to behold! The tower is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Piazza del Duomo, which houses a whole group of impressive monuments. To get the most out of your experience, climb to the top of the leaning tower and enjoy the aerial view. 

However Pisa is much more than just a leaning tower. For more inspiration look at these posts:

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4. See The Piero Della Francesca Frescoes In Arezzo

If you are awed by the Renaissance art adorning many walls in Tuscany, then you have to see the fresco paintings by Piero della Francesca in Arezzo. These fresco cycles are on display in the choir of San Francesco. They only allow 25 people in at a time so be sure to book in advance or arrive early.

With picturesque historic buildings, cathedrals and churches, the small town of Arezzo is itself worth exploring. You can book a guided tour for a greater exploration of the history and culture of the area.

The historic town of Arezzo (Image by wolfgang1663 from Pixabay)

If you’d like to spend a bit longer in this historic town, check out Il Piccolo Cavour B&B or Vogue Hotel Arezzo

5. Walk The Medieval City Walls In Lucca

Lucca is one of the best places in Tuscany to experience the charm of historic buildings and architecture. By traveling just 30 minutes from Pisa by train, you’ll be able to stroll along the defensive walls that once protected the city. It’s a 4km walk along the walls that surround the town, a great place for an afternoon stroll or bike ride. The route is also lined with gorgeous chestnut trees. This scenic spot is one of the most underrated things to see in Tuscany.

For more comprehensive information, check out this guide on walking the walls of Lucca.

What To See In Tuscany 

Now that you have begun to explore Tuscany, there is nothing stopping you from immersing yourself in renaissance art, local wine, and truffle hunting under the Tuscan sun. And there are so many more possibilities. Discover the great cities of Florence and Siena, escape to Elba, explore the region’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or join in with one of the region’s many feast days

With so many things to do in Tuscany, it may be hard to fit it all into one trip, but now you just have an excuse to visit again.

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